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5 gadgets that were weakened due to the reign of Smart phones

Point and shoot Camera:

This one gadget was so popular at one point of time that almost 8 out of 10 families had to be in acquisition of these well known clickers. These were dropped down enormously when the smart phone camera’s were so elegant and needed no additional pocket other than the one held your phones. These have seriously gone out of sight and are only available with the less population who need them for some serious reasons these days.

Portable music and video players:

We have seen many across the streets with their ears plugged in with ear phones which were connected to the portable music and video players. These also count the famous, iPods of Apple and others as well. These have been declined these days as the smart phone icons have managed enough to provide the equivalent quality of music and videos in their hot gadgets that have become a very important part of our lives.


These small to big size calculators were an utmost need to carry out simplex to complex calculations. However, these were walking backwards when the basic phones were launched. But, the smart phones made them shrink to the bottom when, most of the smart phone apps provide support to the scientific calculations. Do you still see someone who carries those one purpose calculators in their bags?

Wrist watches:

The fashion and need of wrist watches have declined as the time sense was provided enough by the digital era of smart phones. Though most of them still use them for their satisfaction but, there are many others who know that these are no more required when, we have this in all in one gadget, the Smart phone.

Digital diary:

These were a hit among the corporate individuals to keep track on their appointments, to-do list, contacts etc. However, these were taken over easily and made them vanish to a place where these would be seldom used. There are several apps on smart phones that can perform all the functions that a Digital Diary provided way back.

Do you still know any more gadgets or products that have declined by their needs or uses? Please have them listed through comments below and make the most of your Smart Phones.

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